Premium Horizons Ltd specializes in developing business performance through intelligence gathering, learning, development, growth and skills based projects. Our mission is to maximize your ROI (return on investment) by defining your aims, goals and strategies, then creating bespoke solutions that mirror your exact requirements and address business issues.
Our experts analyses business drivers and organizational structure, this enables them to thoroughly understand what it is you are looking to achieve and where you want to get to. Although our target is primarily CIS countries, we have the resources, expertise and scalability to provide solutions all over the World through our extensive network.
Our services include training, corporate education project management and business consultancy for large and medium-sized companies as well as professional individuals from the CIS countries. Our company is based in London (UK), and we professionally interact with the CIS countries, trough our contacts and regional experts.
Naturally, we appreciate the sensitivity of information and fully respect client confidentiality in all areas in terms of communication, our team speaks a range of languages as do the trainers themselves so translators can also be provided.
Premium Horizons Ltd provides the above services in various industrial sectors such as oil and gas, nuclear, uranium, mining and gold mining, construction and real estate, medicine, metallurgy, electric power, environment, etc. Our aim is to take organisations and individuals to the neхt level.
In the same way that the economy creates uncertainty, this increases the importance for each organization to embrace technology and devise a comprehensive “safety-net” for change and transformation, incorporating any trends, patterns and the “curve” that is relevant to each sector.

Ultimately, the success of a company is defined by how it responds to the market, its competition, culture and changes in demand. From working closely with Premium Horizons Ltd, each and every customer, regardless of location, can rest assured that their USP’s and strategies will be fully supported, enabling a deep competitive advantage and encouraging growth by adding value from the ground up.


Through the Premium Horizons Ltd network, we engage with industry gurus from multiple sectors who conceptualize solutions across all market verticals. Our mission – to implement the concept into reality and for us it does not matter whether you represent a small or large business or an individual. Many companies work with us as our priority is the development of your successful business, promotion and establishment of business relations between the CIS and Europe solely in your company’s best interest. To achieve this, we promote an ethos of networking, instantly improving the exchange of knowledge and information in order to create the most professional service concepts for the prosperity of your successful business.