By utilising our learning function and TNA (Training Needs Analysis) Premium Horizons Ltd provide corporate training spanning all areas of technology, skills, personal and team development within the CIS regions. Talk to us about the type of training you need customised to meet specific abilities, projects or deadlines.

Premium Horizons Ltd can implement a framework to capture requirements and monitor a 360o feedback system to identify development needs at all levels. Metrics are generated and recorded to log achievement and market the firm’s credentials. Blended Learning is also used throughout CIS countries to manage simultaneous projects and successfully meet conflicting deadlines.
Offshore yard staff
We’re passionate about managing training programmes within CIS regions, evaluating the on-going effectiveness and creating training schedules that unlock talent and improve performance against business aims in these areas. From our research and innovative approach within the CIS countries, we can assess your suitability to training, measure skills and understand pit-falls from any potential emergency situations, and advise how contingencies should be implemented.

Other services include developing bespoke materials, maintaining training records coupled with a desire for promoting positive changes in behaviour, knowledge and capabilities. Understanding learning objectives is crucial to course structure and this is combined with fact finding and researching new topics to create and devise specific courses for CIS based companies.

ZNWucA range of training styles are available covering course preparation, classroom training, workshops, delivering face to face training and developing training programmes. Also, this extends into setting up workshops that support business initiatives with unique course subject matter.